Sunday, May 17, 2015

Are Rich Women Marginalized?

I just read an opinion piece by Wednesday Martin on the New York Times website, I expected an interesting read when I read the title, I was not dissapointed. Martin is an anthropologist who has studied women from around the world, however, when she interviewed some of the 'elite' women of New York, she found some things she was not expecting. She learned of 'wife bonuses', bonuses granted by (extremely rich) husbands based upon their motherly performance. They are judged upon whether or their children get into the best schools, among other things. This was a shocking thing for me to hear about as I'm sure it would be for everyone. Most of these women are highly-educated and are very intelligent who could very easily have jobs, make their own money, and become financially independent from their husbands. However, they are content with a 'wife bonus'. Maybe the upper class is the last bastion of gender inequality.

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